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Canine Kibble Club


In the fall of 2014 a few humans and their hounds got together on a mild Sunday morning to walk around our beautiful Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood. It was at that moment that we though it would be a brilliant idea to do this every Sunday. Well schedules, holidays and most of all Chicago winter weather got in the way of “every” Sunday, but the concept of a community of like-minded humans and hounds coming together for conversation, exercise, education and most of all FUN, was born.

The Canine Kibble Club is a great way to meet new friends and have your Fido gain valuable social experience too! Now that it’s spring, the Canine Kibble Club is coming out of  hibernation, and we have many neighborhood walks, educational events, and activities planned for members in 2015. And don’t forget, you can also tune into the “retro TV show” by the same name on the home page for dog training tips, special guests and fun ideas to do with your canine pals.

On March 22, our neighborhood veterinarian, Dr. Nathaniel Cook, from A Living Bond, co-hosted a “Spring into Clean” event where participants learned fun facts about themselves and their dogs, especially about how to keep them well throughout the year. We received lots of  feedback, and I promise, we didn’t pay anyone to say this 🙂

“Callie and I had a terrific time.  Thanks so much for hosting this event. ”

“What a fun event yesterday! Thank you!”

“Thanks Fran! Dilly Dally and I had a great time!”

“I just wanted to drop a note to thank both of you for putting on this program.  It was a well-presented, fun, and informative    program. Henry and I both enjoyed it a great deal.”


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