Program Intro


Training your dog is NOT a means to an end; it is the journey together!


If you haven’t guessed by now, I am vehemently opposed to people hurting dogs and calling it “training”. And as such I won’t train in that arena called “obedience school” where the outdated militaristic jerk, pop, yell and or shock techniques are used to convince unsuspecting pet-parents that their dog is a defiant, sneaky animal that left to his own devices would murder the family while they slept.

Mention dog training methods these days, and you’ll get hotly contested arguments on who is right about using aversive techniques vs positive reinforcement techniques, and don’t even get me started on those pretending to use positive reinforcement techniques as they choke your dog with the right hand and give the dog a treat with the left…yikes! But I won’t step into that conversation anymore.

The arena I work in is called enrichment where humans and hounds work together having fun while they learn appropriate manners so they can attend dog-friendly areas; where the dog learns how to offer all sorts of behaviors and the human learns how to tell the dog which behaviors will be rewarded; where the human learns how to challenge their dog to solve puzzles or to excel in an activity. All of this is for the sole purpose of being able to spend time doing things with your best friend and companion. Maybe you’ll also learn how to be a better human being in the process, or if you’re like me, a work in progress!