Olive’s Story By Paula Sanchez

Olive Story


Olive (Precious Pets Almost Home, Chicago, IL)

I ran into our neighbor Fran last year and told her how sad I was and grieving for my cat Popcorn who was 19 years old when she died in April 2013. Well, Fran started emailing me pictures of cats and kittens to adopt that were all cute but I still wasn’t ready to adopt and still grieving for Popcorn. Then she sent me a picture of Olive around September/October of 2013.

Olive was around 7 months old and all black (except for 3 white chest hairs, we later found out). She was so cute in her picture, wide eyed and it appeared one eye was bigger than the other. Later my husband told me he at first thought “no” when he saw Olive’s picture but I said “yes” because I had heard that sometimes black cats are tortured and killed around Halloween. Olive, I was told was found living in the streets by a Church’s Chicken.

We met Olive and she was so sweet and friendly. She let us hold her a long time and she was so gentle and I knew she was ours. When we put her down she walked right into the cat carrier that we brought and I’ll never forget…like she knew she was going home with us.

We took her home and now 1 year later she is so sweet and fun. She actually coos when she purrs and I’m not sure if she lived near pigeons when she was out living in the street…. The vet said she was a happy cat, so happy the vet couldn’t hear Olive’s heart because the purring/cooing was so loud.

She’s just a comfort and joy and we are so glad we (yes, “we” my husband spoils her now) are so glad we adopted her and she’s in our lives. We love her so much. Thanks Fran