Home-School Private Training

gofido7Why do home school when you can just take your dog to group-training and save money? I’m a big fan of group-training, as long as the one holding the leash has been properly trained!  Most dogs, the first time they’re taken to a new environment, are like kids in the candy store and as such it takes a while for them to settle down. Meanwhile the human typically gets frazzled thinking there’s no hope for the “crazy dog” and sometimes looses interest in training or thinks that she needs a firmer hand on the dog. The truth is that the human needs to learn good handling skills and the time to learn the skills is not when the dog is over stimulated. There’s a huge benefit of working one-on-one in the quiet environment of your own home and on your own schedule. That said, once you are comfortable, and have taught your dog manners, the group classes are a blast, and a fun way to proof what you and the dog have learned in a more distracting environment. My H.A.T. , Amusement Bark and Fido Click-A-Trick classes all have a prerequisite of in-home training or basic training from another positive reinforcement trainer.

Dyl Home-SchoolThe in-home 5-package begins with a questionnaire for you to fill out and a phone call so I can learn more about you, your dog and your goals.

Each week we will work on a particular behavior or two, review the previous week (if applicable), troubleshoot any issues and then you’ll get a recap of the session and an assignment to work on before the next session. You’ll also have support in the way of e-mails or phone calls between sessions to answer questions.




  •  Adult Basics: This package is great for the newly adopted dog, especially the dog coming out of a shelter environment.    They will learn potty training, FUNdamental desirable behaviors, and you will learn how to prevent a host of undesirable behaviors.


  • Enrichment Exercises: Great for pet-parents who would like to learn, in addition to basic behaviors, tricks, games and activities to keep their fidos stimulated. Each week we have a different agenda that has, for example, scent games, agility, loose leash walking games, or run to mat when the doorbell rings.


  • Puppy Basics: Your pup will learn FUNdamental behaviors plus we’ll go through the all so important socialization check list so Pup transitions into a sound adult dog. I’ll set up a potty-training plan, troubleshoot all those annoying puppy behaviors (nipping, chewing, barking, jumping), and demonstrate the use of appropriate toys, games and puzzles to keep your young fido enriched.


  • Frenzied Fido: These sessions are designed for the leash aggressive dog where you will learn the necessary handling skills along with strategies to change your dog’s emotional state of mind. You’ll then learn how to teach your dog a new response when he sees other dogs or other things that scare him.


  • Frantic Fido: This series of classes is for the dog that exhibits separation anxiety when left alone. The first step is to determine the root cause of the behavior, set up a strategy to stop the dog from being stressed, and then implement a protocol to ease him into being alone without becoming anxious. This often takes the additional expertise of a veterinarian who will do a physiological exam and if necessary will prescribe the appropriate prescription medication to go along with a behavior modification plan.


  • D.A.T. (Dog Around Town): This is a fun series where we will practice all the Canine Good Citizen behaviors in a variety of dog-friendly establishments so that your dog learns what is expected of him when he is out and about.



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