Fonzie’s Story

Fonzie Story

Fonzie (aka Romeo, Rover Rescue, Aurora, IL)

After little Fia passed, I was grief stricken. Even with my loves, Freddie and the felines, the house felt empty without this little Chug dog. And so began the search for a little Chihuahua, Pug, Pom or combination of these breeds. And then I saw his picture; a little Rat Terrier/Pug mix with an adorable underbite.

The following is (a condensed version) from his Petfinder description: Meet Romeo!  It’s pretty much anybody’s guess as to what he is mixed with…maybe some rat terrier. Romeo was tossed into someone’s backyard in Indiana (luckily she was a foster home) and when she let her dogs back inside in the morning, Romeo came right in and made himself at home.  There are 4 other dogs in his foster home (3 large dogs) and he gets along great with everyone.  He loves to cuddle on the couch while the kids are watching TV.  At night, he sleeps in his foster parents’ bed, usually tunneling under the covers where he stays until everyone rises in the morning. Everyone that meets Romeo in person instantly falls in love with him because he is just so darn cute and that adorable under bite just wins everyone over.  I’m not sure if Romeo has an exposure to cats but I wouldn’t anticipate any problems beyond curiosity.  What I do know is he deserves to find a family that will love him for the remainder of his days and never throw him away again.

I spoke with the foster mom and explained that I was “just looking”, but that I’d like to bring Freddie for a meet and greet. When we met this little friendly guy, I knew I liked him right off, but being conservative, I thought I should go home and think it over…that is until I asked myself two questions: 1. Do you really want to make the hour drive back here to pick him up? and 2. How are going to feel when someone else takes him home? Okay, it was settled, and Freddie came home with a new brother that I named, Fonzie!

This little guy is amazingly smart and I had the good fortune of using him as the practice dog for my dog-training students in my mentor program. Sure Freddie was a good subject, but he was already trained so he wasn’t as challenging for the students. Fonzie, on the other hand, had no previous training, so my students had a blast teaching him tricks and other behaviors. The one thing I discovered early on, was that his brilliance made it extremely easy for him to learn, and while it’s a good boost for a student to feel accomplished, having taught this guy a behavior, he is not like most dogs, and I have a feeling he spoiled them for other dogs they will work with in the future.

Fonzie is also very agile, maybe too agile and he’s able to leap tall buildings or counter tops in a single bound. This is all very new to me because Freddie was a big dog, but not big enough to grab things off the counter as long as I pushed them far enough back. But who needs height when you have a spring in your step and for this little stinker, nothing is off limits as far as he’s concerned. The good news is that it has made me a better housekeeper as nothing is left out for him to grab, however I have to be mindful of the cats’ food, because if they can reach it, so can he. There have been too many times when he sneaks past me and inhales their food, only to look up at me with his endearing little underbite…Hard to stay made at this little imp.

Fonzie’s story is just beginning, but you can read other stories and updates on my blog.