Felix’s Story

Felix Story

 Felix (aka Felix, Young At Heart Rescue, Palatine, IL)

And then there were two!

When Freddie and I moved to a larger condo, I told myself there was plenty of room to take in more homeless animals, but the truth was that I was so completely in love with Freddie that it actually scared me to have such a deep attachment to just one being; the only “sane” thing of course was bring in another animal so I could disperse some of the love!  While searching Petfinders, I found the perfect kitty, as described by Young At Heart Rescue:

Hi! I’m Felix, a gorgeous 3 year old black and white Domestic Medium Hair whose owner passed away and I was left to fend for myself. A very nice vet rescued me, and I found my way to Young At Heart. I am a very cool cat, who loves to be held and petted, loves to play with his toys (especially the catnip kind!!), and I am a very affectionate boy. I am a good-sized boy, just big enough that I have enough love to go around! I enjoy the company of other laid back cats, and don’t even mind cat-friendly dogs. I am a purrrrrfect gentleman, so come meet me at the adoption center!

I drove to the rescue center to met this cute kitty and once I saw him, I knew he’d be a good fit. I put Felix in his carrying crate and set it on the passenger seat, and as I drove back home I talked to him, gave a few treats, and told him what a great life he would have with me and his new brother, Freddie, and best of all I wouldn’t have to change his name, as he already had the “F” in his moniker!

Felix adapted to his new home quickly. He proved to be an outgoing kitty who loves people; in fact it wasn’t unusual for him to make himself very comfortable, taking a seat at the Thanksgiving table with the other guests!

The rescue was right that he got along with dogs and he liked Freddie right away. Sometimes I’d come home to see Freddie lying on the couch with Felix right beside the big guy, cleaning Freddie’s face. When he wasn’t grooming Freddie or taking “cat naps”, Felix loved to run up and down the long hallway in our home, and I believe he was trying to get the usually playful Freddie, to chase him, but the thing I discovered about Freddie was that this game would only have been fun if he thought Felix was frightened “prey”. Unfortunately for Felix, Freddie had the “no prey, no play” rule! This left Felix without a playmate and so I thought that maybe I should explore adding a little cat or dog to our family.

Eight years later, Felix is still a fun and active kitty who grooms all the other animals like a little momma, and his wish came true because he has two dog siblings who are only too happy to chase him around the house these days!

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