Dixie’s Story By Susan Plattner

Dixie Story

Dixie (Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance, Chicago, IL)

In November 2012, I bought a condo after living many years in apartments that didn’t allow pets. Instantly I started looking for a dog to adopt. For years I dreamed of getting a dog that was athletic, high energy, and kind.  I also wanted to work with a rescue organization close to home because I wanted to support a local business. I started searching online. I discovered a few dogs that seemed like the perfect running companion who also would be great with my then two year old nephew. My family means the world to me and I wanted a dog that would be great around everyone. I wanted a dog that really needed a home and had my heart set on meeting a dog I heard about at a local rescue organization. Well, that was until a friend showed me Dixie Mae’s Facebook page.

Dixie Mae has the most expressive eyes and just seemed like a dog that would be fun, curious, and loving. One photo of her with her tongue hanging out and her head cocked to the side convinced me that I just had to meet her. Several people commented on her Facebook page about how they met Dixie Mae and couldn’t believe no one had adopted her. I knew then I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t give this sweet looking dog a chance and meet her. While she wasn’t the dog I originally wanted to meet, she was adorably cute and possibly the perfect dog for me. Well, all I needed was one quick visit to realize she was an amazing dog. The only problem was that I wasn’t convinced I could give her the home she deserved and the knowledge to make her successful. That first visit, she pulled her way to me and a friend. She instantly jumped on top of my friend’s lap, licked his face and bald head, licked me all over, drooled on my coat, grabbed my wool hat and instantly began grooming it. She was chubby, curious, loving, and only wanted to show and receive some love.

I went home and seriously thought about if I could handle such a high energy dog. My sister reminded me that adopting a dog out of pity was not the way to go. A few days later, I met Fran who worked with me and Dixie and showed me a dog that listened, a dog that just wanted to please, and a dog that definitely made me laugh and smile. I later agreed to foster to adopt and had Dixie stay with me for a weekend trial run. All it took was one night in my home for me and Dixie to both realize we were meant to be a family. She was everything I was looking for in a dog. She liked to snuggle. She loved being in the kitchen cooking with me that weekend. She loved her long walks. She won my heart!

It’s a year and a half later and daily I wonder how I got so lucky. She makes me laugh every day. We continue love to cook, go for long walks, run, and visit local neighborhood businesses together. She is gentle with infants and with her aging grandparents. She loves to meet new people and has gained a ton of wonderful human friends and daily she learns to calmly introduce herself to canine friends. It seems like we’ve been a family for several years but it has only been a year and a half. Together, we have participated in many training classes, met new people and dogs, and passed the Canine Good Citizen test.

In the past, I would come home from work to an empty home but today I come home to an amazing dog who acts as if she won the lottery. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to come home to a dog that just wanted to go walking and hang out. Thanks to Dixie Mae, life is a whole lot happier every day filled with walks, laughter, snuggles, new friends, and companionship.