Henry High 5This 5 week class teaches you how to teach your dog trick behaviors especially the ones he is inclined to do naturally and we’ll show you how to communicate using a clicker so that you can tell the dog instantly that he got it right! We’ll show you how to observe your dog so you can “catch him in the act” of doing a trick; we’ll show you how to “string” little behaviors together so he can do multiple tricks, but most importantly is that we’ll show you how to teach ANY trick, not just a few. And where, besides entertaining your friends and family, can you use your dog’s new repertoire? I’ve found that tricks are an excellent way to introduce your dog to strangers, especially children. Not all dogs love strangers or strange children invading their personal space and let’s face it, there are not enough hours in the day to teach every person you meet how to interact with your dog. I’ve found the best way is to politely keep the strange humans at a distance while cueing your trick-trained fido to perform. The best part is that your dog will look forward to seeing strangers because he’ll get to do his tricks for treats and the strangers get free entertainment without mauling your dog in the process!

The cost is $155.00

Location: Unity Lutheran Church, 1212 W. Balmoral Avenue

The class will be offered in the late fall, 2018

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